you supply the kids.
we supply the parts.

The Playbrary is a library of toys, games, art supplies, and disposable materials for play. 

We provide the ingredients for unstructured free play, supporting children to create meaningful and immersive experiences with inexpensive materials and loose parts for you to play with here or bring home. 

The Playbrary sparks confidence, creativity, and gives children the agency to reimagine their world. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to play.​

Loose Parts 1


one person's trash
is another's treasure

Loose parts help kids find their voice and decide how they want to play.


Loose parts can be natural or synthetic, they can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, taken apart, and put back together in multiple ways. 

We believe in the value of blocks and sticks, cardboard and crates, ropes and buttons, rocks and fabric...the only limit of the parts is the imagination of the player.

Loose Parts 2


help keep the
playbrary going

Donate your stuff:

Help us fill our shelves! Donations keep the Playbrary going and help us provide endless entertainment to Philadelphia families.

Please send a photo of the items you wish to donate to for approval, or call us for clarification on what we accept.

Donations are accepted during operating hours.

Donate your time:

Interested in volunteering?

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Donate your money:

Want to help sustain the Playbrary? Donate to our organization! You can do a one-time, monthly, or annual donation at the link below. 


Playbrary is a project of Studio Ludo, a 501c3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.



select a time to
visit the playbrary 

The Playbrary now requires reservable time slots for free-play visits Monday-Thursday, and every second Saturday of the month. 

Playbrary visits are still free! 


Select an open time slot below to reserve your spot. If you have issues with the forms, contact us at or call 215-454-6780